Happy Corgi gallops around like a boss.

It isn't often that you arrive home to find your Pony being ridden by a dog. Hell, you probably don't have a Pony, which makes such a scenario impossible--don't worry, I don't have a Pony, either. Nonetheless, that's exactly what happened earlier this week when a Missouri woman rolled up to her driveaway after a long day at work.

Callie Schenker quickly whipped out her phone and recorded a 15-second clip that has since earned over five million views on Facebook after being picked up by a local news station. In the video a small Corgi can be seen peering toward the camera while standing on top of a Pony like it's Mt. Olympus, before they gallop away into the darkness to never be seen again.

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In the post she says that you "can't make this stuff up", sharing that the Corgi and her Pony appear to be "best friends".

Check it out:

According to Callie the owners of the dog don't use internet, so they're unaware of their dog's claim to fame or how amazing Electronic Baldman's World is.