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You may have already seen the viral video of a white woman in New York City arguing with a black guy who simply asked her to put a dog on a leash.

Instead of obeying the posted rules in the park, she basically tried to have the guy killed, or at least arrested, by calling the cops and making up a story about "an African-American man...threatening [her] life."

All the while she's holding her dog by its collar, seemingly choking him.

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Well, in the span of a couple of hours, her entire life has been blown up.

Her employer put her on an administrative leave (that will probably become a full firing):

She was forced to return her dog to the shelter she got it from, partly because it seemed she had also been abusing it in the past:

And her name, Amy Cooper, became a trending hashtag on Twitter, making her the unfortunate Main Character of the day:

#amycooper animals trending twitter - trending with: #fireamycooper, central park, #amycooperisaracist

Despite her attempt at walking back the incident with an apology, no one is buying it. Yeah, she's pretty much screwed:

Anyway, hopefully everyone had a better Memorial Day than this lady and join us next time on What Will Karen Do Next?

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