One woman took the chorus of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” a little too literally, smashing her sister’s car window and slashing her tires after she discovered she had been sleeping with her boyfriend.

“F—king s—t! That’s what you f—king are!” she yelled moments after appearing to stab her sibling’s windshield. “You’re a f—king slut!”

Though she later returned for more vengeance, scratching the side of her sister’s vehicle before taking a selfie with the damage, several Redditors on r/PublicFreakout thought she should have gone even further.

Found out her sister slept with her boyfriend.
byu/seisonoio inPublicFreakout

“Call me crazy, but I’m on her side,” wrote u/redvantas alongside a laughing emoji.

“I would have given her a sledge hammer,” added u/KittyFaise, “Car does not look ruined enough for me.”

Meanwhile, several others hoped she kept this same energy when confronting her two-timing ex.

“I hope she went to burn his house down after this,” commented u/cb0495.

But whether or not the woman in question went on to commit (arguably justifiable) arson, one thing is certain: As u/bionicboom so aptly put it, “Christmas will never be the same.”