The ‘World’s Dirtiest Man,’ Amou Haji, has recently passed after his first contact with soap in over 67 years. He was 94. The Iranian man had gained notoriety for his pursuit of what some might consider a filthy lifestyle. His fellow villagers in Dejgah in the southern province of Fars said Haji gave up bathing after “emotional setbacks in his youth.”

The Tehran Times did a piece on him in 2014 which revealed some of the more savory details of his life. Haji ate roadkill, drank puddle water from a rusty pale, smoked animal feces from a plumbing pipe, preferred his cigarettes five at a time, and refused to wash out of fear it would make him sick. According to, he lived in a cinder block shack built for him by his neighbors so he’d stop sleeping in a hole in the ground.

Despite all this, an examination by a team of doctors earlier this year found Haji to be very healthy, at least up until villagers convinced him to bathe for the first time in over 60 years just a few months ago.