Elon Musk has made it clear that verified twitter accounts who want to keep their coveted blue checkmarks will have to pay a price. $8/month to be exact. Obviously, there were some big names who weren't at all too pleased about the billionaire's cheapskate idea. Renowned author, Stephen King has made his thoughts on the matter heard.

Musk immediately shot back blaming advertisers, but in the same breath lowering his offer.

It's somewhat telling that Musk folded after one tweet.

Credit where credit is dude. Stephen King (a millionaire in his own right) stood his ground when questioned about not wanting to pay any amount of money to use the app as a verified user.

Always one to get in the last word, Musk responded stating it's the only way to defeat bots and trolls.

It remains to be seen how many blue checkmarks will just decide to up and leave, and how many will stay verified only to give a billionaire more money.

If anything Musk might need to start charging Stephen King for living rent free in his head.