The miracle of childbirth is a wonder to so many new parents. It’s amazing to think in 40 weeks you can make human life. Even though some of us just don’t phrase our excitement correctly.

A TikTok by @mum.diary was shared on Twitter recently showing a new father holding his newborn son on his bare chest, and through his sobs he let slip, “You were my cum once.”

“If a man held my newborn and said “you were my cum once” to it… like I would literally take them to court for custody the next day idc,” says @glumirror who brought the video to Twitter. And many people have similar reactions.

“I hope the baby bites his nipple off,” said one user. “I’d vomit and shit on him so fast,” said another.

The Australian dad did have some backup though.  

“This is sweet and funny and exactly how fathers should speak to their sons.”

Now, some still found the comment cringe but not so bad that it deserved the many insults it received on the platform. “It was distasteful but y’all are being so extra lmao,” one person quoted tweeted.

This whole ordeal is a case where inside thoughts should have stayed inside.