We have a new hero. He doesn’t wear a cape but he does ride around on a red bicycle yelling at Nazis. Over the weekend the Nazi group Patriot Front came down to Washington DC to march. The Texas-based white supremacy group made speeches at the Washington Monument only to be hilariously heckled by a guy on a bike.

He started out with the usual sentiments. Calling them fascists and telling them to “Get a job losers!” He reminded them that they were the “losers of [their] high school class” and that their mother and peers hate them. If that wasn’t hitting enough, he went for the jugular. He went after their poor sense of fashion.

Patriot Front’s uniform is the drabbest-looking khaki pants and navy shirt combo. The heckler read them to filth over it.


“You’re sloppy,” he says, “You’re not even matching. You all have different types of pants on. Cargo pants are out!”  

The best part of the video is when the speaker said, “The suburbs have turned into a refuge from the city,” to which the bike guy yells “You’re from the suburbs.”

The full video was taken by @skyflyer81 on Twitter. The hero on the bike has been identified as Joe Flood, a writer and bike activist.

He posted on Twitter “Dude can’t even memorize his speech. I am mocking them” with a photo of Patriot Front at the Washington Monument.

Flood is our bike-riding hero for the day. Especially for the cutting insult, “You look like General Custers illegitimate son.” Those white supremacists are gonna replay that in their heads at night.