Youth Pastor David PEters is using tik tok to reach out to kids

Father David Peters,  aka 'Father TikTok' is an Episcopalian youth pastor who quickly made a name for himself on TikTok, the music based app formerly known as musically, which is extremely popular with the kids. So in an attempt to reach out and touch a younger audience, Pastor Peters has embraced the app and his fans.  

The video below is juts one example of the cool content youth pastors can create to help attract young would be Catholics.  

People like to make fun of youth pastors and religious people, but you find any of that garbage here, nope, all you''re going to get are wholesome videos that make loving Jesus and serving the lord, fun! 

In our modern world we need to adapt how we live our lives to fit into the changing structures that connect us. So is it really that strange to have a pastor using Tik Tok to reach out to kids? Weird yes, but strange, not so much. So keep doing you Pastor Peters, and as the kids say, block out the haters!