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Linksys is an American manufacturer of network attached storage devices primarily sold to home computer users and small companies. It was founded by the couple Victor and Janice Tsao, both Taiwanese immigrating to the United States in the late 1988. Since its inception, Linksys has grown significantly in both market share and popularity. They are well known for their easy-to-deploy NAS devices and their top-of-the line security systems. Linksys support is offered to a wide range of customers through a variety of channels.

Linksys routers are some of the best on the market. Linksys router support ensures that a Linksys product helps a business or individual to accomplish their business objectives. Linksys technical support provides customers with trouble-shooting assistance when it comes to installing, repairing, or upgrading Linksys routers and other Linksys hardware. While most Linksys products are easy to install, upgrading or installing additional hardware requires specialized knowledge. Linksys' routers have built in support for WAN Optimization and have application service functions which makes them simple to deploy and make use of.

Linksys routers can be configured and expanded to support wireless networks such as the local area network (LAN), wireless broadband or a traditional dial up modem connection. The availability of several software and hardware features makes Linksys ripe for the enterprise. Linksys support helps ease troubleshooting and provides information about available Wi-Fi networks. The easiest way to expand a Linksys network is through the installation of a Linksys card, Ethernet adapter or wireless module. Each of these Linksys hardware carries a cellular interface card and an ethernet port that allow network card-to-network card communication to occur.

The wireless network in a Linksys switch is facilitated by stateful managed packet filtering, along with a virtual private network (VPN) service that helps ensure secure authentication and encryption of wireless connections. Wireless security requires advanced authentication technologies to ensure that only authorized users may connect to a wireless signal. Linksys provides VPNs that provide authentication services and allow network users to establish secure authentication associations. An application called SSO is used for this function. Linksys support for the drop we speed option enables a user to place their wireless card in a more economical place in the home or office and improves deployment, monitoring, management and security of a Linksys switch.

Another important feature provided by Linksys hardware is their hardware-based firmware update tool that helps users to install and replace their Linksys firmware. Linksys provides basic support for the Linksys easy operation manager and the updater. It is important to keep a backup of your data on a regular basis before initiating a Linksys firmware update. You can download Linksys support software at a Linksys support site.

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