2013 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

For all those lucky eBaumer's with a significant other for Valentine's Day this year, get your  mate something special from this gift list! Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to buy your soulmate something they will never forget!


Liquid Ass

Because it probably smells better than your farts.


Talking Honey Badger

This Honey Badger can get away with saying all the things you wish you could!


Canned Unicorn Meat

Tell your girl or man that this meat is as rare as they might get you lucky.


Bang Exploding Toilet Seat

A perfect tool to scare the crap out of your mate...literally.


Go Girl Female Urination Device

Now your girl can piss like one of the dudes!


Oxyelite Pro Dietary Supplement

Nothing says I love you quite like 90 fat loss pills for your better half.


Vibrating Lipstick

This may seem like an odd choice, but at least you will know what she is up to when she is not with you.


Adult Mistletoe

A cheap attempt at getting you laid.


Penis Toothbrush

Your girlfriend should be very familiar with the male member. Have her practice with this usefull tool!


Penis Gummies

Practice makes perfect.

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