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Amazon Prime Support Phone Number Customer Service 1-800 Help for Amazon Customer Service Phone Number Customers USA

Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number: Amazon Prime is a paid service of Amazon. In which Prime members get an extra benefit from the typical users. The Amazon Prime Subscription includes free one or two-day delivery, streaming music, and video, and other benefits. Amazon has 150 million subscribers who joined Amazon Prime Subscription.
Services That You Will Get With Amazon Prime Subscription
Below are the services which you get with Amazon Prime subscription:

Prime Music:
Prime Music is a music streaming service as like as Spotify, Apple Music, And others. This service only available to Amazon Prime members at no additional cost.

Amazon Prime Video:
It is a video streaming service started by Amazon in 2006. You can watch online videos on smartphones, PC, tablets at no additional cost if you subscribed to Amazon prime Subscription.

Prime Reading:
It started in 2016 where prime members receive access to a rotating set of Kindle e-books through Prime Reading.

Prime Pantry:
In 2014, Amazon started a service for delivering non-perishable grocery store items into a single box for a fixed fee. The service is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, India, Japan, Italy, Spain, and France.

Prime Now:
In December 2014, Amazon announced that as a benefit to Prime members to deliver their products. Products delivered within one or two days depending upon on location without any additional cost.

How Do I Contact Amazon Prime Customer Service For Support
Any query or issue about Amazon order or service, then contact Amazon Prime Customer Service department for a solution. You can call them directly for quick answers. Here in this post, we will discuss all the best ways to contact Amazon Prime Customer Service for help.

Want to contact Amazon Customer Service? here we describe some of the best ways to contact Amazon regarding your query for your order or services.

amazon prime support
Through Chat:
Chat is an easier way to contact Amazon representative. Here’s how to contact them through chat.

Contact Amazon Via Chat
Log in to your Amazon account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under the column “Let Us Help You”, click on “Help”.
On the next page, under the heading Browse Help Topics, tap on “Need More Help?”
Click “Contact Us” form the menu that appears to the right.
Next page, select the general area of concern from the four topics offered. “An Order I Placed,” “Device”, “Digital Content And Services.” or “Prime or Something Else.”
Click the drop-down bar(s) under “Tell us more”
Click the button that appears with the word “Chat“ to commence an online conversation with a customer representative.
Via Social Media:
Amazon has accounts on major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make more interaction with users. If you have any issues like missing shipment or any issue with your order or service.

You can contact them through these social media accounts by the comment, tweet, or using #hashtag on their several accounts.

Send them a message through any of the above social platforms by visiting on the Amazon Prime official page.

Amazon Social Media Accounts

Amazon Twitter Account:
Official Amazon Facebook Account:
Official Amazon Instagram Account:
Note: Please don’t include your order and payment details.

Through Call:
This is one the direct way to contact Amazon by dialing Amazon Prime Customer Service Helpline Number. At any time you can call them. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For any issue with your Prime account and service, call helpline number to reach them.

Through Email:
Email is the other option to get in touch with Amazon Prime Customer Care. Amazon provides two email addresses. You can send your email regarding your issue or query for your Amazon order or services. The response time for email is often 48 hours or might be more.

Any issue related to your Amazon account like billing dispute, you can email at
For general information, you can email at
Need assistance? Just pick up your phone and dial Amazon Helpline Number. There are representatives who help you out. They are well experts and are available 24*7 hours.

How to Contact Amazon Prime Customer Support. If you have a question about an order or an issue, contact Amazon using their online contact form at.

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