America the Fucktarded

There are current events that just blow my mind and I don't know how much longer I can stand it. People, where's the compassion, the empathy for your fellow person. America is sick and decaying, but the sad thing is, it's so easy to turn around, but I'm surrounded by retarded psychopaths.

I'm sorry, but I just saw a story, well two, that made my skin crawl, my teeth grit, my eyes bulge out and possibly my hair fall out. They were on NBC News, the first involves 8 children who suddenly fell off a drop off in a lake. Imagine if you will, 8 kids laughing, yelling, having a great time in a lake and while you're engaged in a family reunion it all goes quiet. Something is up, right? So you gather your family to save the now fully submerged children. As you run by picnickers, sunbathers, and a whole lot of assholes, who some are undoubtedly the parents of the drowning children, they ignore your plea's for help and don't even realize that eight kids just dropped off into oblivion. 

Thankfully, they all survived, but only because some unrelated smart lady and her husband with what used to be common motherly instincts took charge.   

The second story involves a boy of seventeen years who via the internet and what was probably a slew of misinformation from extremist sites developed some empathy for the Islamic cause, specifically Osama. So what do authorities do? What would you do? Perhaps explain to him where he is misinformed in order to guide him and realign his mental thought processes. NO! Screw that! The FBI go into full Troll mode, pretend they too are Osama sympathisers, probably reinforcing the boys confusion and feeding his hatred. 

Then to cap it off, convince the kid to drive a car full of fake explosives into a crowded area, so they can then arrest the child, now 18,  for terrorism!  Wow!  What now? The child's life is ruined, his disdain for the world is now his obsession and his future is one big fuckfest. 

Instead of helping the disillusioned child, our brave Federal forces form him and mould him into a hate filled terrorist. Nice going officers, you bunch of sick, psychopathic hate mongures.

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Uploaded 09/17/2012
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