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Phantom Keystroker - 

The Phantom Keystroker is an evil little USB device that randomly adds occasional mouse movements and keyboard clicks to someone's computer. Evil and Awesome!



TV B Gone


The TV B Gone does pretty much what you expect… Turns off any TV in the vicinity! 



Ever had a cricket in your house? They make enough noise to annoy the hell out of you, but not enough noise to be able to find them. That's essentially the idea behind the Eviltron. Hide it somewhere in someone's house and watch them slowly lose their minds!



Shocking Pranks


It's always funny watching someone get shocked. So naturally there is a shock prank version of every single item on amazon.





Fake Bumper Stickers - 

Another gag that has apparently gotten incredibly popular in recent years is magnetic bumper stickers...




 Evil Pranks - 

These pranks are too much. Don't get them. You shouldn't use these on ANYONE EVER!!!


Fake Pregnancy Test - This is evil... If you've ever had a "scare" you know this is something that should never be joked about.



Liquid Key Scratch - Ever had your car keyed? It sucks. This is worse. A tiny bit of this stuff eats the paint down to the metal. You're a horrible person for even reading about it.



Permanent Stain Powder - A tiny bit of this stuff will dye everything it touches purple. If you try to wash it off, it just makes it worse. Use gloves.




UV Flashlight and Powder - You know on Dateline when they use those fancy flashlights to show all the jizz left on hotel beds? Those are UV flashlights. Get this UV Flashlight, and use the special UV powder to make it look like your friends have been EXTRA busy...



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