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I realized why I hate the job so much, and it's because I'm forced to lick the buttholes of scumbags. If I didn't have to kneel and kiss the ground they walk on, I don't think I'd have that much of a problem with the job. Which got me thinking, employees at places of work are constantly told how to treat customers, but no one bothers to think that a customer can be irrational. For example, the common advice for an employee known as "the customer is always right", shouldn't apply when the customer is yelling louder than a car alarm for no reason. So, for everyone who shops, here is my advice to become the model customer



· You don't know how to do someone else's job. Just because you have a superiority complex does not in any way mean the rules will ever be bent because you think they're wrong.


· Prices are what they are. If you're unhappy with those prices, casually leave the building and shop somewhere else. Do no yell at the cashier, who does not control the prices to begin with, over the amount being charged for your item.


· Park in the designated areas in the parking lot. Do not park in the fire zones, two parking spaces at once, or in spots where there are "No Parking" signs. The duration of your visit does not change this rule.


· It is best to present yourself in a professional manner. Initiating every conversation with vulgar language is usually a sign of social stupidity and ignorance.


· Besides restaurants, not every public shop is obligated to provide rest rooms for you to use. It is often that people will leave unpleasant gifts for employees behind in the bathroom, and some establishments are uneasy with exposing their own private area for you to use. Try to be understanding.


· If you pick up an item then later decide you do not intend to purchase it, do not place the item in a random spot. Walk back to where you found the item, and place it on the shelf accordingly.


· You will occasionally have to deal with incompetent employees. Yelling at them only exacerbates the situation, and makes you look like a fool. Be patient, wait your turn, and if you can't handle your emotions enough to stay quiet, politely inform the manager of the slow progress. Do not inform the employee of your intentions to complain about them.


· If an employee is rude to you, it is best to give them the benefit of the doubt, as bad days do occur. Don't make a scene over it. If they are continually rude to you, inform the manager. Always remember to be on your best behavior, and treat others with respect and a smile.



As a customer, if you follow these simple (and at most times, instinctive) instructions, I can assure you that your shopping experience will be quite pleasant and responded with a friendly attitude from those helping you. If this it too much for you to handle, I'd strongly suggest you stay at home.

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