Community Update (June 12th)

Hope everyone had great/productive week! This is going to be a short one.


As some you may know, Matthewbb passed away earlier this week. If any tasteless alt accounts are created in relation to matthewbb, that accound will be immediately deleted without hesitation.



Starting next week we will start having tournaments around classic games here on eBaum's World. Each tournament will consist on one game. The user who scores the most points will win a prize that will range from an eBaum's World swag pack to an Xbox One or PS4!


Mobile Site

Just a quick reminder, be sure to email me if you are using the mobile site and experience any bugs. You can always reach me at


Visa Cards

All visa cards that were ordered before Febuary 1st have now been shipped. If you haven't recieved your card within 4 weeks, please contact me immediately and we will get this all handled.


I'm currently working from home so there will not be a shit comment of the week. Instead, I want to give a shout out to Puddle for being a pain in my ass sometimes.

Have a good weekend!

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