Community Update - Live Chat, Beta Testing, and More! (May 1st)


I hope everyone had a good week. If you drink, go out this weekend and have a beer. If you don’t drink, go out this weekend and have an apple juice. Summer is here!


Become an eBaum’s World Beta Tester


Not sure how many of you know, but the site is going to go through a redesign. The idea is to make everything easier and sexier. 


With that being said, we would like some of you to beta test the new site. We are looking for about 10 users to go through the redesign and catch bugs. Use the mobile site as often and regularly as you usually do. If this interests you and wish to learn more, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you.



Meet us at the Live Chat, It’s Going Down.

I know it’s been a ghost town recently, but I want to see what it looks like when everyone uses it.


Today (Friday) I want as many people as possible to head over to the live chat at 2pm Pacific (5pm EST). Even if we are all there for just 10 minutes, it would be really cool to have everyone there.




Fill in the Blank Winner!



A few weeks ago we ended the first Fill in the Blank contest. Here is the winning submission.



"Today I walked home and saw someone projectile vomit all around a wounded kitten. I had no clue why he/she felt that was necessary, but people have the right to be bulimic. After witnessing that, I finally managed to make it to my niece's Quinceaera. Luckily my jar of virgin tears was right where I left it because I was really dehydrated. I finished that last episode of Lost and realized I didn’t have time to finish plucking my pubes so I just used a blow torch.” - AnimalMcBurger


Comment of the Week

"I want to make the suggestion the change the word "comments" above this box to "shit comments". Is the community in favor of this?" - Joecaca

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