Community Update - ToS, Mods, and More (April 24th)


This has been a pretty slow week. Some of you have embraced the direction the comment section is headed while others are completely against it.


When I took this job I realized it would be an uphill battle. I’m still trying to keep the spirit of eBaum’s World intact. That being said, I have gotten emails from people who believe they are entitled to be threatening people, being racist, and homophobic antics. That is not the case. We have actually been pretty lenient. As time goes on we’ll slowly start moving towards following the ToS more closely.



For the past two weeks, we have been modding things as normal. Nothing in the ToS has changed. Some of you have been purposely testing the mods with some of the words you’ve been using. I really do understand something like this can be frustrating, but I hope you can all give me the benefit of the doubt.


New Feech


This is going to be quick. I am not in charge of which pieces of content get featured. If you have an upload you feel would do really well, you are more than welcomed to PM MacDreidel, UsedCarMan, or Infantgenius. You are still free to PM me, I’ll just forward it to one of them.


How am I doing?




"chicks dig me cuz I rarely ask them out :/.“ - Nikims

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