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Contact +I (877) 558-2O49) Amazon Prime Customer Support Email | amazon customer service usa (#2021newyork) As a security-aware consumer who follows high-quality practices like the usage of particular passwords, 2FA, best the usage of a steady computer, and being capable of spot phishing assaults from a mile away, I could have concept my debts and information could be quite safe? Wrong.
Because whilst a person has long past after me, all of it is going for nothing. That’s due to the fact maximum structures include a backdoor, consumer support. In this post, I’m going to recognition at the maximum grievous offender: become one of the few agencies I relied on upon with my non-public information. After all, I keep there, I used to work as a Software Developer and I am a heavy AWS consumer (raking up nicely over $600/month)

At first, I assumed it is probably a mistake or a not on time e-mail from the time I contacted them months earlier. But interest was given the higher of me, and I contacted Amazon to invite what it becomes about. They advised me that “I” had a verbal exchange with Amazon support? What the hell? It becomes a text-chat, and that they emailed me a transcript:

Let me simply forestall proper there, so I can factor out that deal with isn’t mine. It’s only a faux deal with of an inn that changed into withinside the identical zip code wherein I lived. I used it to sign up a few domains, understanding that the whois statistics all too frequently turn into the public. I used the identical well-known vicinity as I lived in order that my IP deal with could in shape up with it.

Wow. Just wow. The attacker gave Amazon my faux info from a whois question and was given my actual deal with and speak to a number in exchange. Now that they'd sufficient to dance round some services, even convincing my financial institution to trouble them a brand new replica of my Credit Card.

Trying very difficult to now no longer take out my frustrations on an unrelated assist rep, I contacted each Amazon Retail and AWS expressing my sadness and asking them to position a be aware on my account that it's far at the extraordinarily excessive chance of being social engineering, and I will continually be able to log in. Amazon Retail stated they could be positioned a be aware, and feature a consultant touch me (who by no means did) even as AWS changed into dismissive of even a chance exists.

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Fast ahead multiple months, I made the large mistake of wondering the chance changed into gone, giving Amazon my sparkling credit score card and now a new deal with the info. I get hold of some other email. I experience a pit of my stomach.

So as soon as once more, I touch Amazon help to peer what happened. This time I had the satisfaction of coping with a help agent who appeared 100% incapable of figuring out that a person turned into impersonating me. I had a problem preserving my composure while he instructed me I need to extrude my password to save you, humans, from impersonating me. Eventually, I needed to essentially inform him that it turned into “me” that contacted help and I wanted “my” transcript, which he provided.

Guess I need to remember my benefits they didn’t provide the ultimate digits of my credit scorecard. I once more touch Amazon to reiterate how critical it's far that they hold my account steady, and now no longer provide my information to all people with a call and cope with. They promise they’re placing a word on my account, and it’ll by no means manifest once more. And I might be contacted with the aid of using a specialist (by no means happened, once more) This time I determine I can not consider Amazon with my cope with and delete it from my account.

This time, I can’t get a transcript of the conversation. They contacted Amazon with the aid of using the phone, and that they don’t have a recording to provide me. I’m going to need to anticipate they were given the ultimate digits of my credit score card like they appear to be after.
At this point, Amazon has absolutely betrayed mine consider 3 times. I actually have completed simply the whole lot in my energy to steady my account, however, it’s hopeless. I am withinside the manner of remaining my Amazon account, and migrating as tons to Google offerings which appear substantially extra strong at preventing those attacks.
After being the sufferer of those assaults for months, I’d want to make a few suggestions for offerings:

* NEVER DO CUSTOMER SUPPORT UNLESS THE USER CAN LOG IN TO THEIR ACCOUNT. The simplest exception to this will be if the person forgot the password, and there needs to be a totally strict policy. The hassle is, 9999 instances out of ten thousand aid requests are legitimate, dealers get skilled to count on they’re legitimate. But withinside the 1 case they’re not, you may absolutely fuck a person over.
* Show aid dealers the IP deal with of the character connecting. Is it a normal one? Is it a VPN/tor one? etc? Give them the caution to be suspicious.
* Email offerings need to permit me to without difficulty create masses of aliases. Right now the first-class protection in opposition to social engineering appears to be my FastMail account which lets me create 1 e-mail deal with an alias in keeping with service. This makes it especially hard for an attacker after they can’t even discern out your email.
* Please make whois safety default. Mine leaked due to the fact a silly area I didn’t care approximately had its NameCheap whois safety expire
For users, be extraordinarily cautious with the facts you share. Even large groups like Amazon can’t hold it safe, they’re a ways from the worst.

Amazon Flex Customer Support:

Being an Amazon Flex motive force approach walking into your honest proportion of problems. This submits covers a way to touch Amazon Flex assist if you have an issue.

Amazon’s bread and butter is the capacity to supply programs in a well-timed way without compromising the excessive fine of the provider. They do that thru a massive community of unbiased contractors with a provider referred to as Amazon Flex.

For this to happen, shipping drivers want to have around-the-clock get entry to Amazon Flex assists to remedy any problems that could arise. Dealing with customer service can occasionally be a nightmare. Amazon combats this with the aid of using supplying numerous approaches for unbiased contractors to straight away touch assist — no matter the situation.

You’re withinside the proper vicinity when you have trouble together along with your Amazon Flex motive force account or modern shipping. We’ve laid out each manner you could touch motive force assist to speedy solve your issue — something it could be.

This article will undergo the quickest approaches to touch assist and get your problems resolved fast. Now, let’s leap proper in.

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