continue Stoner's Section??

Hello, I am Jnazzty. As many of you know i am the maker of the infamous stoner galleries. Im making this blog because i want to get feedback from the EBW community about what you think about my galleries. I've been a frequent user of ebw over the past few years. I've noticed that one thing that annoys me is when people are constantly posting the same type of galleries over and over again, it gets kind of annoying. I have realized that i myself my have been guilty of this with my last few galleries so lately ive been trying to switch it up. I thought that people generally enjoyed my galleries but the last few have been getting repeatedly flagged. If you are straightedge thats cool. I have no problem with you what so ever, but don't knowingly come to a stoner gallery and flag and downvote it. Thats fucking gay. I would to know weather or not i should continue making my stoner galleries or if i should stop because im just annoying hundreds of EBW users. please comment with your opinion below. Be as rude or as blunt as you want, you won't offend me. It's the internet, nothing to get butthurt over lol so be as mean or honest as you would like. Thank you for your time. Comment below
Uploaded 06/25/2013
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