Crazy crazy crazy night. I finally got down to the hospital and asked what room he was in. When I get to the room I find that it's some old guy moaning with half his ass showing. I go back and they tell me that, that was the only ****** they had there so I call my Mom to see where the hell they but for some reason her phone is off or doesn't have service. For twenty minutes I was searching the place until some security guy stops me and tells me to stop looking in rooms and asks me where I belonged. I told him my Dad is here somewhere but not listed on the patient list. Shit goes down and they end up kicking me out of the hospital when all I want to do is see my Dad... I figure I got the wrong hospital and am about to call over there when I realize my car isn't where I parked it. Apparently you can't park your car in front of the hospital, even in emergencies...??? Then I find out my car has been towed by a company two towns away. I have like 40 bucks, not enough for a cab and absolutely no where near their 300 dollar towing fee. Pretty much I'm fucked. I go inside and ask the front lady if she somehow could help me find a ride. She suggests asking a police officer one floor down. I give it a shot and what do you know this cop is sympathetic. We head over there and are about halfway when a car goes zooming through a red light. Of course this dude has to chase him. For about 3 minutes we are trying to catch up to this guy and then finally he pulls him over. Turns out the dude is wanted, so he has to handcuff him and put him in the car, WITH ME!?!? We wait about 10 minutes for another cop to come pick him up. Finally we get to the other hospital and I get to his room only to find that he's passed away and his last words were, "Where the fuck is ******?" The end. No but seriously that was me in the picture, my Dad actually died while he was giving birth to me.


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