Do You Actually Get the Prizes for Cashing in your Erep Points?

With all the prizes available on the site, I wonder if claiming a prize for your points is legit.  Some of the prizes on here are pretty nice and it seems too good to be true for eBaum's to just give you a prize for having a certain amount of eRep points.  This could be for real but I'm not absolutely positive.  Even if you do get the prize after so many weeks you cash in your points, do you have to pay some kind of tax for them or any shipping or handling fees.  I'm trying to save up for that portable DVD player and PS3 but I need to know if it's just a lie or if I have to pay so much money to get them.  Some prizes like the cars probably have so many strings attached to them that it would be a huge hassle just to get the car.  I know that getting enough points for a car is next to impossible but still, I need to know.  If anyone knows if you really do get prizes for your points or know of any special fees you have to pay, let me know.

Uploaded 06/25/2008
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