Dumb Prank gone Horribly Wrong

At least twice a year I usually tell someone close to me (friend or family) that someone close to the both of us had died. I don't know why I do this but I think it's because I like to see their reactions. I never do this to the same person twice of course. After a good 30 seconds of watching them go into shock I tell them the truth so they don't lose it too much. The victim has a huge sigh of relief and all is well after a good punch in the arm. Unfortunatly this "prank" backfired.

My Uncle from California was coming to NY to visit so I figured this would be a good opportunity to tell my young sister that her favorite uncle won't be coming this year, "Karissa, I have bad news. Uncle Mark won't be here this weekend... he had a heart attack and passed away this morning." She began to cry immediately and ran to my mom and told her the news before I could stop her. As she was telling my mom I was shaking my head and told her it was all a lie and I was just joking around. Apparently moms don't like being told their brother is dead. She slapped me in the face (which hurt because she wears 38 diamond rings) and said "You're a rotton human being, how could you do something like that" I agreed and as I was apologizing the phone rings. It was my Aunt; my uncle ha dhad a heart attack and had passed away. I slapped my mom in the face and said, I told you so.

Uploaded 10/29/2008
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