eBaum's World is the bestest website on the Internet, LOLZ __!

Hi everyone, my name is Andrew and I am a rampant homosexual who enjoys preaching the words of the gospel and babysitting my Korean daughter. 

The purpose of this blog is to express my feelings towards this website. Personally, this is the greatest website on the Internet by FAR. No competition whatsoever ... do you believe me yet? Here are some convincing points to get your penis moister than my mother's poker buddies sniffing my underwear. 

1) Original content - you know those videos constantly featured on the front page? They are uploaded by a myriad of people who so happened to have their own footage on their respective hard drives! The footage isn't STOLEN from other websites and watermarked with the eBaum's World seal ... oh no. eBaum's World should be treated like a dairy farm ... pure product and no antibiotics, arsenic, or growth hormone. Nope ... everything is ORIGINAL. God bless eBaum's World originality. 

2) Amicable moderators - oh boy, I do adore the moderators on this website. Pepper Peanut is a swell guy ... I heard that he's constantly featured on the San Francisco Chronicle for his heroic and bold deeds. MacDreidel is pure class ... really nice guy, doesn't try to force his religion down your throats despite his Jewish toy name. Dread is an awesome guy ... he once invited me over his apartment to drink some beers and play Duck Hunt on his Sega Super System. What a nice guy! God bless him. UsedCarMan ... awesome guy, totally not a douchebag. Overall, just a great group of guys who aren't trying to scam you by charging $10 for a t-shirt. No way Jose! God bless the moderators. 

3) Awesome users - everybody on eBaum's World is just great. I love the community ... go ahead and venture to the comments section of any video. You would expect dribble, right? WRONG! The comment section is riddled with intellectual conversations and wonderful people who won't thumbs down your comment or call you inappropriate names. Even the blog section is wonderful! People will treat you with respect and will always five star your blogs because they appreciate that you have dedicated some time in constructing a coherent and confluent blog. God bless the users! 

4) No Neko - that's right. I HATE NEKO! Wow, I really really do not like NEKO. She's mean and stupid and she's Australian. I can't stand her. She's the biggest bitch. She wants to ruin eBaum's World with her multiple accounts, her beauty, her stupid MEAN DUMB BLOGS ... I especially hate it when Neko just shows her stupid cat face. I HATE NEKO! Wow, I really don't like her. Luckily, eBaum's World doesn't have Neko. Thank you, eBaum's World. God bless the Neko-less eBaum's World. 

Well, there you have it folks. eBaum's World is the greatest website on the Internet and you should all cherish its greatness. God bless eBaum's World. Kisses for all of you, xoxoxox ^__^ LATER! 

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