Emir Marlo “Voices”

uploads1647460509983-C9F738E7-884F-4254-Emir Marlo represents Ukraine at the Djooky Music Awards 2022!

Emir Marlo from Ukraine was visibly delighted when he won his ticket to Djooky.

This is the young musician’s second attempt at representing Ukraine after narrowly missing out in 2021

Emir Marlo earned the right to represent Ukraine at Djooky Music!
The young singer already has some experience under her belt, having spent the last three years performing in musicals and entering local competitions. Now he’s ready to shine on the Djooky Music.

The talented young singer also enjoys youth theatre, Volleyball and playing the piano (which he took up as a hobby at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic).

Finishing as runner-up made Emir appreciate how important Djooky is to his, so he doubled hisefforts this year. If your votes are ready for this young artist, where you can see Dark Pop most clearly.

“Voices” is a self-penned song the singer describes as ‘a call to live to the full; fill your life with beautiful moments, be yourself and be conscious of every moment of your life. Time flies, and life is the most important thing that we have. So we must value our life and live it as we believe is right.

See you in the USA!

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