Face Forward Walk Backwards

Is society going in reverse while in an upward motion? Is man's intellect, creativity, artistic ability being destroyed by technical advancement? Is weapon development, the development of a reset button for all of mankind?

I was asked to do a service call for a doctor. She likes to talk about health care and so do I.
She explains to me how the new generation of doctors now bring I-pods and Blackberrys on their rounds with them. They can access medical information and electronic medical libraries with them. They input the data from the patient, the diagnoses is uploaded and recommended, action is taken. This seems rather scary to me, I prefer my doctor to have a wide and deep breadth of knowledge that he can diagnose me with. I recall watching Star Trek reruns and how it was always the human element that saved the Starship Enterprise. It was usually Captain Kirk's human characteristics that solved the problem. Today we rely on computers, calculators, cell phones and electronic devices to guide our lives. Might that be a bad idea?

Tyeada, hi Tyeada!  Did a blog on music appreciation, she made a lot of great suggestions and so did many of the bloggers. Lots of oldies, lots of great talent barely heard of and not promoted. Well, we know the music industry is basically in shambles as far as great musical promotion is concerned. Lucky for us we have the internet and can try to find things that interest us and not owned by Sony.

After reading Tyeada's blog and the comments I listened to some bamboo flute music. Here was this little nipper using a piece of finely crafted bamboo and the wind from his mouth to create some incredible sounds. Some of the notes he hit, just one note, were chilling.

Here we are today, with all our electronics, circuitry, god damned computer generated confabulated, voice controlled and actuated, music constructuated, harmony and melodic catastrophes. And this little nipper plays goose pump creating music from a piece of bamboo?

I think it is time to go fishing, play catch with our kids, grow some tomatoes, tune up the acoustic guitar, sing some songs with our loved ones and research and develop the human spirit.

Uploaded 10/05/2010
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