Frontier, The Worst Cable Company In The Industry!

My home internet and TV service was recently switched during the Frontier buyout.  I was EXTREMELY satisfied with Verizon's FIOS services but ever since Frontier has taken over it has been an absolute SHIT SHOW.  I don't even  know where to begin this tale of  horrible customer service and complete lack of competency by whatever east-India company they outsource their calls to.


The first incident to occur after the switch was a 5 day loss in service of my internet.  Upon trying to  call and reach customer support, they don't have an account that matches my name, or phone number.  After 5 different phone calls and having to give the same fucking information every time (cause their piece of shit system won't update, or employees aren't putting the info into the computer) I finally get the internet restored and these cocksuckers don't even offer a discount or credit for the time I was without service.

After losing some channels, only seeing re-runs and old crap on TV, and our total bill going up, we decided to cancel cable and just keep the internet.  After another 3 phone calls and having to give them all of my fucking information all over again, supposedly they were able to process the request to cancel TV services and keep the internet.  

Well two weeks rolls by and the billing date comes due and to my lack of surprise, the TV services are still on and the new bill is the same as the last bill, JOY!  Seriously, how the fuck can this company operate with this huge staff of braindead retards and 3rd party tech support staff who can barely speak English?  Then the cherry on top is the fucking moron who processes the TV service cancellation, instead put in for the whole account to be cancelled / disconnected.  How can anyone fuck something so simple up so badly?  Needless to say I'll be switching.

 Verizon, thanks for fucking me by selling out to Frontier. 


Frontier... just fuck you.


Think I'm lying or being over-exaggerated? Check out more horror stories at


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