Here's to Christianity ...

... as in here's to Christianity as I shove a poker up its fucking ass. Fuck religion - you morons who constantly spam the blog section with "oh oh, God is going to save me from my despair ... oh God, God is almighty great and uh uh uh ... God bless America, man!" SHUT THE FUCK UP. There is no God - fucking morons regurgitating this fucking GARBAGE pertaining to their bullshit doo doo religion that reeks of rednote's snatch after her period. 

No seriously, I am mad - I don't like this shit anymore. I hate clicking on the "Blogs" link and finding you incompetent plebeians dedicating your fucking blogs to your fucking false motherfucking prophet. THERE IS NO GOD - stop talking about religion and stop talking about politics. Ron Paul isn't a God, Ron Paul is a fucking queer motherfucker who needs to have his ass booted out of this fucking country before I fucking explode. Ron Paul this, Ron Paul that ... HELLO? HELLLOOOO? There is no Ron Paul and there is no God. Ron Paul is a puppet to the New World Order ... Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, Harry Truman ... they're all puppets to the NWO and yet you morons enshroud the obvious truth with religion, Ron Paul, and Canada.

Don't even get me started on Canada, you fucking morons. Canada is a dump - if Canada were a website, it would be eBaum's World. That's right, this place is Canada. Inhale the shit that this place reeks of ... cigarette butts and hard liquor. That's Canada and that's Ron Paul, Ron Paul meet God, God meet Canada ... YOU'RE ALL FUCKED. The NWO is currently running this website and they're running Canada. Why do you think there is a faggot Nazi regime to the North? It's CANADA! Ron Paul runs Canada, Ron Paul is a false God, and Ron Paul wants you dead ... he wants your soul. Ron Paul is the devil in disguise ... God will attempt to deter Ron Paul but oh wait, GOD DOESN'T EXIST! Do you see? It's an ouroboros. Eat the snake's ass, excrete the snake's head. Got it? Good. 

Yes, I am mad. I don't care anymore ... fuck you guys. I don't like any of you, except for the people who I like. Do you understand? Of course not. Most of you haven't even completed a course in elementary school without having to sniff glue and pick shit flakes out of your ass. Come at me, morons. Shut the fuck up, lamb power.

Uploaded 01/29/2012
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