How Best Delivery Platforms Define Distribution and Help to Deliver Excellent Service


When it comes to searching for the best delivery platform, it boils down to a different choice between UberEats, Zomato, etc. All the services have elevated reach and let you order from the different supply chains. The on-demand platform supports multiple payment options, providing it with an inadequate edge; however, a lot is operating for it.

If you are using the ride-hailing platform Uber, you might also be aware of UberEats. Most delivery platforms have a similar interface, ensuring to provide customers with different delivery options. A delivery platform like Glovo makes it easier for users to deliver all the essentials right at their doorsteps.

Best Delivery Platforms to Improve Capabilities in Distribution and Delivery

Business growth is essential for survival in today's competitive market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that around 20% of businesses fail to succeed during the first year, while only 45% can survive until five years and only 65% for ten years. The numbers are consistent across different sectors; thus, it becomes crucial for businesses to try new things that help them to achieve success in the market.

And one such way is to develop or invest in a feature-rich solution. Delivery businesses must invest in best rather than losing various opportunities by choosing not to invest in a tech stack.


UberEats started offering meal delivery services in 2014. It makes it easier for customers to search for their favourite meal, find and place an order, and make payments. They can even schedule their deliveries, choose to get the food delivered at their doorsteps, or take away the order as per their convenience.

You can also start offering your customers a takeaway or delivery option through an app like UberEats. The tech stack makes it easier for customers to make online payments or even cash payments. Advance features like contactless delivery, online payment, etc., helps you get more customers as customers are ready to pay more for convenience.

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The online meal delivery and ordering platform operates in more than 40 countries. The company has partnered with local restaurants to provide customers with the best experience ever. The prominent online ordering and delivery platform helps customers search for local restaurants, explore menu, reviews, and much more before ordering their favourite meal.

If you are looking to provide more convenience to customers, the Foodpanda clone is worth the option to invest in. The tech stack helps you manage everything; it automates your business operations and improves customers' ordering experience.

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The online ordering and delivery platform, Zomato, was initially launched as 'Foodiebay'. The company offers its service in nearly 20 countries. The platform success attracted many to invent a platform similar to Zomato. Users can explore restaurant lists, menus, etc., right through a digital platform.

The infinite features of a platform like Zomato make it easier for you to manage and operate a business successfully. The platform helps customers to order meals, make payments, and give reviews as per their experience.

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The online delivery platform, Glovo, allows customers to order multiple things like groceries, food, and much more right from one place. Customers can get all the essentials delivered to their doorsteps within minutes. Glovo charges commission from supply chains on each order which takes place on the platform.

Developing a multi-service platform to deliver groceries, meals, and much more is quite a wise choice. You can follow the business and revenue model of Glovo to achieve the same success as the delivery platform has grabbed shortly.

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Just Eat

Just Eat provides its service in Europe and other countries. The platform has achieved massive success after its establishment in 2001, and it has partnered with millions of restaurants and succeeded in bringing great profit to its table. The online ordering and delivery platform makes it easier for customers to filter the menu, check the price, and order and make payments.

You can choose to offer a delivery or pickup option to customers through an app like Just Eat. Top Features of the delivery platform helps customers to enjoy contactless delivery, track the orders, and much more without hassle.

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Colombian startup Rappi is known as a super app. Launched in 2015, an easy-to-use platform started with beverages delivery and then expanded for other deliveries like food, groceries, medicines, etc.

Platform similar to Rappi leverages technology to provide users with complete visibility. Feature-rich offers customers scalable and reliable ordering service, helping you win the trust of more and more customers.

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Online delivery has been around the world but has gained massive popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Delivering essentials has become more accessible with on-demand delivery platforms. However, choosing to develop an excellent delivery platform is a beneficial option for every size of business. 

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