I hunt monsters

It is true, but perhaps not in the way your mind may originally conceive. 

For many, the mention of a monster can evoke vivid pictures of grotesque and vile creatures, sharp pointy teeth, extra limbs, animal like features, and all manner of outlandish ideas. For these same many, being told  by someone that they are a monster hunter just makes them think of fun make believe games one plays as a child. They almost never make their first consideration to this activity as anything less than something falling outside of reality. 

If only that were true for me.

I want to take pause here for a moment and clarify that I am not sharing this information with you all as a way to gain notoriety. I am no vigilante, and I do not see myself as a hero in any way. I have not personally saved anybody directly, and in many cases, when I find a monster, there has already been irreversible damage done, and the broken lives of all involved will never truly mend.

 This place is an old home that has become mostly vacant, and well, this is just me, mostly just shouting into the void for the sake of venting the noise in my head. 

What I am, is the fly on the wall, the silent sentinel, the seeker and watcher, the shadow that remains unseen and always unnoticed, and the one who never needs to knock. 

I have seen what true evil looks like. I have watched silently as lives were ended or destroyed. I have destroyed my own soul for the sake of assisting to ensure that those entrusted with bringing down those monsters I find, have everything they need to bring justice to their victims and ensure the monster never sees the light of day again in some form or another for a very extended period of time. 

In all honesty, I am just an every day run of the mill white hat ethical hacker. I am very talented, and I use my talents to protect not only those who pay me to protect them, but in many cases, those who do not even know they needed protecting. In my past blogs, when I mention that I emerge from the shadows, I mean that slightly more literally than likely most others do. 

I have stopped thefts, I have been a sore thumb for hatred in any form it takes, I have helped catch murderers, and rapists, and animal abusers, and those who wish and do harm to children. I have exposed nazis, corrupt police officers All of which, I do anonymously. Some may think that is cowardly, some may think it noble. It is really, none of the above. It is just standard operational security, nothing more and nothing less. 

Rotating and recycling ip addresses, multiple vpn's, burner identities, burner phone numbers, burner email addresses, the ability to be physically in one place and digitally in another at any time with multiple points of trail divergence, purposefully placed in between to ensure that my real identity, of which is the one that you all know and love to hate sometimes, is never connected with any of the ones in active use. 

As I said, I hunt monsters. They oftentimes look and behave like anybody else you may know. But, in the dark corners of the internet below the surface, many among us have hidden dark secrets, and some of those secrets are horrible acts of violence, broken consent, up to and including the loss of life for many, held in receipts, hidden away and hard to find, but through various means and methods of the last near decade of practice and experience I have gained, have discovered on more occasions than I would like to admit. 

I will say, this has definitely pushed me into being an optimistic nihilist. It is definitely a very comforting thought to know that in practice, the vast majority of the human population is good by nature. For a vast spectrum of reasons, the majority ideology across the vast spectrum of what humanity is, is overall a positive one, that seeks to extend and further itself, to advance its existence, and to be the humane stewards our  planet deserves. Our advances in technology is a very good representation of this, and each day the world becomes more connected to each other, and our things become connected to each other, and our power grids world wide are starting to make the push over to renewable forms of energy with the capability for each individual part of those new machines to communicate with each other using various forms of automation to extend their lifespans, or alert to any type of event that the humans manning the controls want to monitor for. It is seen in the drastic efforts being undertaken across the world to combat the effects that humans are having on the planet. I don't want to make the assertion that all is not well with the world, because that is simply not the case, there is plenty to be worried about, but the human spirit is strong in the fights to combat those various crises around the world, and as a whole, the world is full of life, love, and enduring vibrancy. 

My work, is very individualized in most cases, it can be highly time consuming, and putting all the pieces together sometimes can take months to years to result in enough to efficiently find and charge the individuals with the crimes they committed. this all falls on the very deep end of the spectrum,  for the very scary and dark monsters that lurk out there actively whom also do their best to hide their activities from view.

Most of my time spent honing my skills, however, is used as an effective tool against hate. Being blessed with the experience of growing up in the south, hatred was just somewhat commonplace in my upbringing, albeit subtle and overt in many cases. This, lent a great pool of talent from which to practice, and the last two years has seen that pool of talent grow at an unfortunate percentage, in part thanks to the policies, practices, propaganda, and lies from this administration and the ripple effect it has had on the global populace's identities and social , which can unfortunately not go ignored even if you wish in your heart of hearts that we were not currently living in base reality. There are unfortunate truths. One being, my current city of residence has a slow and steadily growing neo-nazi population, primarily of the hammerskin and loyal order of the ku klux klan variety. It has been a right, joy to give them the opportunity on many occasion to rethink their way of thinking by allowing their social bubbles, and employers, and churches in some cases, in on their hateful ideologies, actions, and general way of talking and treating their fellow human. 

Perhaps, that is the other reason I feel this is the best place for this, because, this place, used to sit at the front page of the internet, and for some, maybe I will be a quick reminder that there are cyber security professionals like myself who have grown up watching almost every form of technology advance a rate of evolution that has continuously picked up speed year after year, and continuing to exponentially increase in the power and efficiency of each advancement, who also have a moral compass pointed in the correct direction, who have metaphorically taken the black, to act as an extra deterrent to any in the upcoming generation, who are being raised in a time when technology has integrated itself into every pervasive crevice of society it can manage its way into, made the lives of humanity easier as a whole, and has steadily started to shift everything away from the medieval sum zero mindset and into the realization that thanks to those advances, humanity  is becoming far more complex, specialized, and interdependent, for any one nation or group of persons to be able to effectively tabulate any definitive correlative losses among themselves, regardless how hard they may try to do so in vain.  And so, while the current generation and as such those who came before them are oftentimes highly uninformed on how technology actually functions, or in the majority of cases, just hardened to all outside conflicting ideas or beliefs that go against what they were indoctrinated and led to believe every day from the time they were born often times through sheer brutishly willful ignorance to the truth,  the same cannot be said for the current and next generations within our societies. And so, if for nothing else than to just be a small reminder of our collective existence, well that is worth the time it took to word vomit all this onto the page. 

I love what I do. It is a career path that is always evolving and moving forwards with every day being a brand new day. new attack types, new forms of malware, new ways to scam people, and a list that just continues to darken from there. I will always have job security, I will always be needed, and as technology advances, and our economy becomes more and more propped up digitally, my value will continue to increase right along with it. I also kind of want to be an encouragement to others as time passes and society changes with all of these new advances and abilities to communicate and share knowledge and resources more and more efficiently and effectively, feel free to follow our footsteps, take the leap into ethical hacking, teach yourself, the learning curve is fairly steep, and is often times a thankless job, but it is always interesting, and new. Perhaps something to consider if you happen to come across this blog, and maybe you will start to chase your own monsters in your own time, and then you can also be part of the invisible army of eyes, ears, and IO devices that stand in defense of facts, against hate, against bullying, and the aforementioned long list of ever darkening items.

Thank you all for the time I have stolen from you, it has been some time since I stretched my fingers to type out anything other than a direction to a machine, or note to document an activity, or a risk analysis on one topic or another, or really anything work related, this was a nice change, and thank you all for taking the time to read, and it most likely will not be my last to address you all. For now, I will digress, but I leave you with this: Always remember that life is complete and utter chaos, and everything has an expiration date,  so be unconditionally kind to everyone.....cause if you aren't, remember that the internet keeps receipts, and some of us are able to find them easily.

This has been another moment from Godliberator.

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