I love my daddy

I am an only child that was living with my Mother until I turned 15, thats when she got addicted to Alcohol and wasnt allowed to take care of me anymore, so I was sent to the other side of the Country to live with my Daddy. From that point on Daddy always took good care of me, I didnt need anyone else but him. Daddy was really cool, he let me stay up as late as I wanted, he even took me shopping! Every other guy Id met hated shopping. Sometimes I would get scared watching a movie and hed let me cuddle up with him, he didnt even mind if I fell asleep on his lap. He even had an in ground swimming pool! One day we went shopping for swimsuits and he helped me pick out the best one, hes so sweet giving up his free time to go shopping with his daughter. Hes funny too because he jokingly asked if I wanted to model them for him. Haha. When we got home we decided to go for a swim and try out my new bikini. He said it looked so good on me he couldnt stop staring at me! Hehe, it made me blush. Daddy always looked out for me, every time I thought a boy liked me Daddy told me he was only after sex and really hated me and thought I was ugly and that they laughed about me behind my back. It did hurt knowing that but it felt sooo good that he cared about me so much. He would always tell me how pretty or beautiful I look to him. It made me blush and giggle every time. It was one week before my 16th Birthday and Daddy had asked to see me in his room for a moment. I entered wearing a white tank top, frilly white skirt and soft silk pink panties. Daddy was already in there waiting for me. He told me he had birthday presents for me and that he would give one of them to me today, I was so excited! Daddy told me to sit down on his lap so he could tell me what my present was. Just as Daddy opened his mouth to speak, I felt something semi-hard poking against my ass, I stood up and looked down on Daddys lap, Umm, Daddy? Whats that under your boxers? I asked. Daddy smiled, looked up at me and said, Thats my erection, sweetheart. Erection? Thats right; its when a mans penis becomes hard, all men get them when theyre happy. I smiled, Really? Yes, thats right; and the happier they are, the harder it becomes. Wow, I made my Daddy that happy just being with him! Aww, I love you Daddy! I sat back down on Daddys lap, this time bending my knees so I was kneeling on the bed while still sitting on his lap with each leg either side of him, which made my skirt hike up a bit. Daddy put his arms around me and I put mine around his, then he whispered in my ear, I love you too, Katie. More than anyone else ever will. I giggled and sighed happily. Daddys Erection was now poking hard against my panties. It was an odd feeling but Daddy was happy, so I didnt care. Daddy kissed me on the cheek and said Before I give you your present, there is something I want to ask you. I titled my head slightly and asked What is it Daddy? Have you ever kissed a boy, Katie? I shook my head, slightly embarrassed. Its ok darling, Daddys going to teach you how. I tilted my head to the side, Are you sure thats ok Daddy? Are we allowed to kiss each other on the lips? Daddy laughed a little, Of course we are, youre my daughter! Every Daddy kisses his daughter, its just that no one talks about it because its such a private, special moment shared by two people that love each other very, very much. Oh, like married people. Exactly, I knew youd understand; youre so smart! Not only that but you are the prettiest girl I have ever laid eyes on. I giggled and tried not to blush too much but I couldnt help it, practically my whole face was turning red. Ok then, first I want you to kiss me on my cheek. I know youve done it thousands of times before but this is just a warm up. Ok Daddy, I said quietly and pressed my lips softly against his right cheek. Good, now do the same thing but on my lips. I moved my mouth closer to his, licked my lips a little and kept moving my head further until I could feel his warm breath on my face, then I finally pushed my lips against his, giving them a quick kiss before I leaned back nervously. Its ok baby, youre doing fine. This time I want you to kiss me for longer, lets say 3 seconds. Also, open your lips and move them around mine and Ill do the same. Do you understand? I nodded. Slowly, I moved my lips towards Daddys again, quicker this time. When our lips connected I could feel Daddys Erection getting harder, I must be doing a really good job, I thought as I felt it pushing into my panties. Our lips crawled over each others; Daddy began sucking on my upper lip as my lower one caressed his. I was getting a little carried away with the kissing, 5 seconds had gone by and I still hadnt stopped. Daddy didnt seem to mind though, so I kept kissing him, suddenly I felt something else inside my mouth, it was Daddys tongue! It was massaging my own tongue, I dont know why but it felt nice so I didnt mind. Daddy was sliding his hand down my back and must have not been paying attention because he grabbed my ass, which made me jump and lose contact with his lips and tongue. I was so upset with myself for screwing this up! I looked away from Daddy, Ohh, Im sorry Daddy. I got carried away and then just when you were getting happier I stuffed it up! No baby, its not your fault. These things just happen, okay? Look at me, I moved my eyes to meet his but kept my head pointed away, Youre such a good kisser. I moved my head back to look at him properly, I am? Daddy nodded and gave me a big hug, so I hugged him back. Phew, I was worried Daddy would be mad at me. Then Daddy reached under the bed and pulled out a small box and put it in my hand. Go on, he said, open it. I eagerly opened my gift and my eyes lid up with pure joy at the sight of a shiny diamond ring. I was speechless for a moment and then finally blurted out, OH MY GOD!!! Daddy wow thank you!! Thank you soooo much!! I flung my arms around him and hugged him tighter than I ever have before, pressing my body so hard up against him that he fell backwards onto the bed and I fell with him. Oops, Im soo sorry Daddy, Im just so excited!! Daddy laughed and looked deep into my eyes, Its ok Princess, I dont mind. Aww, you are the sweetest. I kissed my Daddy lightly on the lips then put the Diamond Ring on my finger and sat on top of Daddy, admiring it. Now then, do you know what that ring symbolizes? I shook my head. Your love and obedience to me. I would like you to wear it all the time, that way, whenever I look at my beautiful little girl, I will be reminded of just how much she loves me. Ok Daddy, Ill do anything to make you happy and show how much I love you. I kissed my Daddy again on the lips and then rested my head on his chest. I felt Daddys loving arms wrapped around me and it felt so nice, I drifted off to sleep.

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