I'm a misanthropist.

You know what? I'm not going to pamper this blog with various cute pictures of my asshole so shut the fuck up and listen.

I hate people and that is that - I hate venturing to the outside world and seeing you pieces of garbage walking around as if nothing in the world is wrong. News flash, you incompetent boors, EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD - got it? I see men walking around in fucking business suits and their spiked up hair ... oh ho ho, give me a fucking break. These dickheads are the ones you see crowding the bars with their stupid Tommy Cabana t-shirts and fucking Coors Light beer cans, spewing nut shells and various shit all over your face. "YO MAN YOU CHECK OUT THE STEELERS GAME LAST NIGHT?" No, I didn't watch the fucking Steelers game, you cock sucker, I detest the Steelers and I detest your stupid fucking Boston accent, you slob. Tuck in your shirt and stop dousing yourself in your grandfather's deodorant. OH YA, I SMOKE MARIJUANA, I DRINK BEER, WOOOOOOOOOOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... and don't get me even started with the women. Oh boy, oh boy. These follicle scraping, uterus SLUTS all want penis in their mouth: fuck the personalities, fuck the money, and fuck the system. They all want penis ... women want PENIS. That's it! They want penis in their mouth, in their vagina, in their ears, cum in their hair, cum in their eyes, cum in their bellybutton, cum on their feet, and penis all around their FACE. Their fucking face ... penis here, penis there. That's all. Women don't CARE about personality ... this whole "OH WOMEN WANT MEN WITH GOOD CLEAN PERSONALITIES AND FUCKING BEAMING SMILES ON THEIR FACES" is fucking horseshit conjured by the feminists in the 1910s during women's suffrage. Think about it: women wanted voting rights so they had to lie to the big men up in Washington to gain rights. 

This is the typical life of a typical man: 

Get born.
Jack off at age 2. 
Lick vagina.
Get drunk because life is miserable.
Get a low paying job.

This is the typical life of a typical woman: 

Fuck off.
Suck cock.
Drink beer.
Guzzle cum.
Get pregnant and file divorce from husband.
Receive ex-husband's paycheck in the mail. 

That's it and that's all ... you stupid fucks, go ahead and say, "OH , U MAD BRO? U MAD? YA, U MAD BRO BECAUSE YOU ARE SO MAD YOU MAD? YA U MAD?" Yes because typing in CAPS LOCK and using a plethora of curse words automatically makes someone mad ... good logic, you dumb fuck. Drop dead. Fuck you. 

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