I'm Eriq, eBaum's new Community Guy

Hello everyone.


I’m Eriq and I’m now responsible for making sure eBaum’s community doesn’t fall apart.  As of today, you no longer have to complain to PepperPeanut about everything you hate about the site’s functionality. You can now send your complaints (suggestions?) to me.


Because I’m not quite sure what else to say, I’m going to give you guys a little background on me. I’m 24 years old and play a lot of video games. Before everyone starts calling me gay, I should say that you are only stating a fact. I actually am gay so that “insult” won’t work on me. Maybe you can call me straight to get under my skin?



Right now, we don’t have any bad blood between us and I want to keep it that way. I’m a pretty lax individual and understand that things can get pretty weird or hostile on the Internet. That being said, the same Terms of Service are still active so don’t be an asshole.


Naturally I will be in the comment section below to talk with you all. If you have any suggesstions, complaints, or general feedback you can reach me at If for some reason you want to know more about me, you can follow me on Twitter (@ereeeek).


This is going to be fun. Remember, you can send all of your ideas, suggestions, complaints to me at

Uploaded 04/02/2015
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