I'm sorry.

Apparently, I am not well liked here - in fact, I believe that I'm the most hated person on this website simply due to my mean spirited attitude towards most members. I have realized, however, that I have ruined the once prominent social cohesion of the blog section and I am impeding upon various social networks and friendships. By this, I would like to apologize. Please standby for the apology. 

I am sorry for ruining the blog section.
I am sorry for trolling blogs.
I am sorry for being an asshole.
I am sorry for mocking gabbie and calling her a Mexican puta.
I am sorry for getting into multiple spats with rednote and mocking his employment at Best Buy.
I am sorry for accusing letemdangle of fucking my mother. 
I am sorry for mocking rin's weight. 
I am sorry for calling dread an asshole ... he's in fact a real nice guy who I would like to kiss on the lips. 
I am sorry for revealing the truth of misstawpa's crack baby and drug addiction. 
I am sorry for calling Gyps a Scottish bitch.
I am sorry for expressing my love towards Gyps.
I am sorry for mentioning Gyps in this blog. 
I am sorry for praising Neko.
I am sorry for getting into feuds with fredsavage and for him being British.
I am sorry for John Lithgow.
I am sorry for Ron Paul. 
I am sorry for mocking Metallica. 
I am sorry for calling Tyaeda an ugly cat piss smelling bitch. 
I am sorry for scoffing at some servant at an IHOP. 
I am sorry for thinking and breathing. 
I am sorry for being a homosexual who has an Asian daughter.
I am sorry for calling MacDreidel a yarmulke wearing Jew bag. 
I am sorry for calling PepperPeanut a scam artist who lives in Nigeria. 
I am sorry for putting stupid songs in my blogs.
I am sorry for existing.
I am sorry for believing in God. 
I am sorry for calling GI Joe a dishonorably charged welfare leeching scumbag. 
I am sorry for calling tomlin a delusional whack job. 
I am sorry for being andrewryan69.

As you can clearly see, I am terribly sorry for all of the stuff I have done to you guys - I know most of you are going to persistently rate my blogs one star, thumbs down my comments, and threaten me online but whatever. I know that rednote is most likely going to reply with "oh ho ho you little bitch, I own you. Suck my cock, suck it dry. Blah blah blah penis vagina cock juice pancreas beta cells." I don't care.

I'm sorry. 2004. 


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