imthegenius's 10 crappiest videos of 2010

As PepperPeaunut so coyly insinuated in his best of 2010 blog, while describing the lady reporter who shat herself... we as a site have an unhealthy(or possibly healthy?) obsession with poop.  But I believe the fascination goes deeper than that...  Beneath the surface of a nation so outwardly consumed with the overwhelming desire to be number 1, I believe that all Americans are more than just a little bit enchanted by number 2.  Dumping, deucing, shitting, sharting, crapping, dropping dookies, baking brownies, unleashing krakens, or just plain pooping... whatever pet name you prefer for your stinky toilet cobra, I know that you are getting at least a little bit excited while reading these words...

Don't be ashamed!  Embrace it!

Every day around the world, both man and beast are Heaving Grumpies hilariously, and thanks to modern technology, these escapades in the brown arts are increasingly being chronicled and shared to the internet.  Tributes to the human experience, lovingly documented and preserved for posterity.  Without further adieu, I present imthegenius's 10 crappiest videos of 2010!

#10Pooch Poops On Field During Game 

As a fan of the San Francisco Gigantes, 2010 was obviously a beautiful baseball year for me... This is a video of a little dog reenacting the Giants game 5 win over Texas... He waltzes onto their homefield, drops a steaming pile of shit on the middle of the diamond, and prances off victorious.

#9WTFrench Poop Song 

Who would have thought the acclaimed director of 2 girls 1 cup would follow up his magnum opus by directed a French children's show?

#8Grandma Poops in Public 

It's difficult to see in this video, but she actually has the deluxe model walker with the built in toilet paper holder...

#7Cheetah PoopsPees on Man in Jeep 

I like how the guy reaches right under the cat's ass to gently catch the crap...

#6Hot Tub Mishap 

I know this is old as hell... but it WAS refeatured in 2010 for WayBack WHENsday, and it's just too classic of a crap video to be left off the list.

#5Septic Tank Fail 

Have you ever smelled a ruptured septic tank? And he gets knocked the fuck over by the pressure of it!!!

#4Lizard Fart 

EBW Word Of The Day: Lizard Fart - Half-body-length turd under water. Example: PepperPeanut is no longer allowed in MacDreidel's home after he left a Lizard Fart in the bathtub.

#3 Hungover Rock Climber Has Problems  

Respect to the calm matter of fact interview he gives about his EXXXTREME SHART.  More respect to the friend that continues to help him despite the threat of being vomited and shat upon.

#2 High Dump  

The sense of urgency as he enters the stall and assumes the position, the little fart noise, and the way the turd splats against the urinal... it's the little things that make this video a classic!

#1 Cannon Ball Dookie 

I can't tell you how many times I've watched this video... It all just comes together so perfectly: Textbook cannon ball form, precision bowel release, and man's best friend following in the vapor trail.  The video leaves us with so many questions... How did he crap so quickly... were there performance enhancers involved? "Take One"? What would they have done if they needed a SECOND take??? And most importantly... in 2011 why isn't this a competitive sport yet?  At the end of the day, though, I'm content just to enjoy it as the pitch-perfect encapsulation of summer that it is.
Soooo... that's it for my list of the 10 crappiest videos of 2010.  Thanks for reading, and keep on shitting!!!
...and recording and uploading it to the internet.......
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