James Brian Hellwig Case New York, New York

Case findings and legal After Actions: I recently Visited New York City to help an Associate of the Office, Jonathan Goldstein in a case he was working involving Steroid use. The Clients name was Jim "Warrior" Hellwig. He was flying in from Estonia to New York on a public speaking tour on Pro Wrestling. He was found with Steroids in the airport terminal and Goldstein posted his bond at 10,500$ and we were going to meet at Spago for a Wine and Risotto to discuss the case.

 Background of the subject: is a retired Americanprofessional wrestler. He is best known for his appearances in the World Wrestling Federation throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s as the Ultimate Warrior.

When we met with Hellwig he was a very intimidating man. Standing at 6' 2 and weighing in at 275 pounds. We sat down at our table and the waitress took our orders. When we received our water Hellwig snarled like an animal and started yelling at the waitress exclaiming: You have offended the gods! This water is supposed to be cold with no ICE!. There is ice in my water! What happened next was unbelievable, He tore off his shirt and the punched the waitress in the stomach then Suplexing her on to the table next to us. The Police arrived shortly after and it took ten officers to take him down. At this time I Sat with Goldstein and told him this case is a lost cause and continued to watch the officers Bear Mace and Taze The Warrior senseless, " Why waste a 300 dollar bottle of Wine and leave?". After the battle royal, we hired some call girls and went to a club called El Diablos for some shots of Patron and Salsa Dancing. The woman friend that I was with was a part time yoga instructor and to say the least, I learned some new techniques for the sack. The next morning flew out on the next available red eye back to California.

Recommendations: suggest for later cases, We DO NOT Take on a case with affiliations with pro Wrestling.

Mike Barrington, San Jose Office 


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