Joel Osteen FINALLY Offers Shelter In His Mega Church

 Lakewood Church, the Houston arena turned megachurch, home of celebrity preacher Joel Osteen.

The TV Pastor's gigantic church (which can seat upwards of 15,000 people) would seem like the PERFECT place to help those in need after the flooding and storm damage from Harvey. This tweet with a donation link, seems to be all the help this multi-millionaire is prepared to offer the people of his congregation, and the people of Texas.

A tweet by the Osteen's on Friday the 26th

With claims of the church being flooded as an excuse for its lack of action, one local resident decided to show up and investigate for himself, and made the not-so-shocking discovery that the church doesn't appear flooded at all.

Even some big named celebrities chimed in on the Church's lack of compassion:

Other (seemingly more compassionate) Texas residents have offered their support and shelter to those in need on twitter:

The George R. Brown Convetnion Center:

Amid the backlash and cries for compassion, Osteen put out this statement:

But when twitter users attempted to question him directly, they found themselves simply blocked, with no answer.

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