Littering is good

Today littering is considered bad. I see garbage cans everywhere being filled day in and day out with garbage. Every time i see someone throw a piece of garbage away i feel like someone slapped me in the face. Garbage looks better when its on the floor. It should be displayed not hidden. When I see garbage on the floor I smile. Not only is garbage art its also history. When someone leaves a piece of garbage on the floor its like they left part of themselves there also.
Hi. My name is Raja and i have been littering for over four years now. I love littering. Littering is a great way to relieve stress. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring. When I litter, I like to be creative.
Many people think that people litter because its easier than walking to the waste basket and throwing it away. That could not be farther from the truth. I put more effort into littering than i do when i actually throw something away.
I try to be as creative as possible when i litter. If i have a cup of coffee that i finished i don't just toss it on the ground. I take off the lid and the sleeve and spread the three individual pieces of garbage evenly on the floor. If i have an empty potato chip bag and there is a garbage can in sight i make sure i walk up to the garbage can and place the chips next to the can.
The possibilities of littering are endless. I hope I changed the way you view littering. Im going to continue to litter as much as I can and I hope you do too.
thank you

Uploaded 05/08/2008
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