Mandella Effect

-BerenSTEIN Bears = BerenSTAIN – S2 E12 'The Great Grizzly Comet' is about a false flag alien invasion. Aliens warn of a comet on a collision course with Earth, but it ends of being a ploy by Weasel McGreed to steal all the citizens belongings.
-Interview with A Vampire = Interview with THE Vampire – Novel and Film are all about the danger and suffering of immortality.
-Snow White's 'MIRROR mirror on the wall' = 'MAGIC mirror on the wall' – Snow White is all about the evil of vanity - pride – envy – jealousy – satan was jealous. Beauty is also a key.
-Field of Dreams 'If you build it THEY will come' = 'If you build it HE will come' – They want to build a bridge-door-portal. The ‘HE’ could be bad or good I don’t know.
-Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back 'LUKE, I am your father” = 'NO, I am your father' – The film starts with Luke investigating a fallen asteroid. Han Solo later discovers the asteroid is actually an Imperial probe trying to locate the hidden Rebel base – Darth Vader tries to convince Luke to join the Dark Side so they can rule the whole universe – satan tempted Jesus Christ.
- Silence of the Lambs ‘HELLO, Clarice’ = ‘WELL NOW, Clarice’ - Hannibal tricks Chilton by giving him a fake clue ‘Louis Friend’ Starling notices it is an anagram for ‘iron sulfide’ i.e. fools gold. Iron sulfide is a main composition of comets.
-Mr Rogers- A beautiful day in THIS neighborhood = THE neighborhood - 5 banned episodes since 1996 titled ‘Conflict’ King Friday starts a cold war and starts stockpiling nuclear weapons. Another false alarm. The weapons turn out not to be nukes but actually parts to build a bridge.
-Sex IN the City = Sex AND the City - S1 E3 ‘Bay of Married Pigs’ - cold war reference- early in the episode they are talking of the street. In the background there is a bus with a billboard for ‘From the Earth to the Moon’ HBO series by Ron Howard. The bus disappears and reappears from editing errors.
-Actor Lou Ferrigno from the ‘The Incredible Hulk’ TV series = The actor is thought to have already died - E Prometheus pt1 - pt2 deals with a comet that moves like it is being controlled, crashes and is investigated by a secret military group under the name Prometheus.
-FRUIT Loops = FROOT Loops - Company is made by Kellogg known to have Illuminati ties- Toucan Trademark dispute with ‘Maya Archaeology Initiative’ - Recently found Mayan archaeology ‘frieze’ found in Holmul. Frieze is the only depiction where the jaguar gods are the ones making offerings to the king instead of the other way around. Och Chan Yopaat was the king and seems important.
-BRIDGE to Staten Island = NO BRIDGE to Staten Island - Area where the Clovis Comet theory was proposed to have been the cause for the area being wiped out. Theory was later proved to be false.
-Rod SERLING = Rod STERLING - Twilight Zone - S1 E22 ‘The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street’ -Alien invasion - aliens comment on how easy it was to cause panic by turning off the electricity. They say the easiest way to conquer the planet is to let the people become their own worst enemies. S3 E3 ‘The Shelter’ - Unidentified objects are detected heading for Earth either a nuclear attack, comets, or aliens- A local named Stockton makes a bomb shelter. His neighbors find out and demand entry, but there is only room for 1 family they end up breaking into the bunker with a battery ram. The threat turns out to be a false alarm. The neighbors apologize for their behavior; yet Stockton wonders if they have destroyed each other without a bomb. The Simpsons E117 ‘Bart’s Comet’ is also based off these 2 Twilight Zone episodes.
-Looney TUNES = Looney TOONS - I think one of the songs has a clue- need help.
-Nelson Mandela = Some believe died while in prison
-‘Madiba Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Tata Dalibhunga Khulu’ -The many names of Nelson Mandela- I believe form a long ANAGRAM for something important. Maybe add ‘Mr’ and/or ‘Tatom’. (sample lexigram words- Mars, alien, daemon, Earth, hunter).- need help
-There are many more that I haven’t gotten around to yet, such as the World Atlas differences (New Zealand, Australia, Cuba....)- need help

-The world will be in chaos, threats of Comets, Nuclear Holocaust, War, Famine, Plague, and Chaos. Humanity will also turn against each other. Alien Invasion from Reptilians and Insectoids. Savior Aliens Nordic Blonds with half human half alien children (real hybrids from abductees sperm/eggs)- will come down offering safety from all threats. They will offer cures and immortality/longevity. Through implants/illusion/DNA manipulation they will convince many they are the good guys. (More on implants, black goo, alien abductions later).
-Warning seems to be to stay on Earth and do not take any of their cures/longevity/beauty enhancements. Don’t trust them.
-Komorusan - youtube channel has lots of videos on alien abductees having alien hybrid children and visiting with them. The alien children will eventually make themselves known to the world.
-I think CERN also has something to do with the timeline shifts.
-COUNTER-THOUGHT- Or is it better to leave Earth? These timeline changes could just be an elaborate trick to keep us on Earth. (However, we lose fertility according to Maurice Cotterell- without the suns radiation females become infertile.)

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