We mainly produce all kinds of microfiber  cleaning products are exported to European and American countries, which sell very popular and enjoy good reputation there. We have obtained the INTERTEK certification from the largest inspection company in the world. Through the strict tests, we make sure all our products are green and environmental.   <a href="​"> green cleaning products</a>, such as microfiber cloth, microfiber towels, microfiber mop, terry cloth robe etc. The microfiber material has strong water absorption, which can clean all the surfaces without any scratch.

Microfiber is a new high-tech textile material of non-polluting. Microfiber fabric is a ultra-fine fiber with organic compound of polyester and nylon as the raw materials. Because it is a kind of material with significant functions of powerful absorbent, breathable, antibacterial after a special treatment process, microfiber cloth is  currently widely used in clothing, home textiles internationally. 


As for the definition of what is microfiber, it is usually defined as the fiber with a fineness 0.3 denier below. Microfiber is generally made of Dacron and polyester, or polyemide and nylon. Due to the fineness of microfiber fabric, the stiffness of the silk is greatly reduced. As a kind of fabric, microfiber cloths feel very soft and have good hygroscopicity. Clothes made with microfiber cloth are comfortable, beautiful, warm and breathable. Microfiber fabric has a good

Microfiber fabric has many applications. After processed with sand washing, there forms a layer of fuzzy skin which is extremely bulky, soft and smooth. High-grade fashion clothes, jackets, T-shirts, underwear made of such microfiber fabric are cool and comfortable. It can absorb sweat but won’t next to the skin. Microfiber fabric manufacturer often uses microfiber fabric to make senior man-made suede fabric, which has the appearance, hand feeling the same as genuine leather but in much lower prices. As microfiber cloth is thin and soft, it has excellent decontamination effect as method cleaning products such as microfiber towels, easy mop, car cleaning products and cleaning mop. It can be used to wipe a variety of glasses, video equipment, precise instruments with no injury to the mirror. Microfiber fabric can also be made as ultra-high density fabric with extremely smooth surface. Sports-wear made of microfiber fabric can help to reduce the resistance. In addition, microfiber can be applied in fields like filter, medical treatment, health care and labor protection.

Microfiber towels are made of high-quality, high-tech microfiber cloth. Since the diameter of microfiber cloth is small, so it is blessed with small bending stiffness and soft hand feeling. Microfiber towels have strong cleaning function as well as waterproof and breathable effect. Microfiber towels of high water absorption are especially suitable for hair drying. Microfiber bath towels have fibers 200 times finer than human hair, so dirt does not enter inside of the fiber but is attached only between fine fibers. So microfiber towels are easy to clean. In Jintian you can find microfiber bath towels, microfiber travel towels, microfiber beach towels and microfiber towels for hair, for cars too.  


Bathroom towels refer to plain towels provided exclusively for bathing, predominantly they are white. In recent years, bathing and leisure venues have sprung up across the country. With the continuous improvement of people's material life, more and more attention to the daily entertainment, bathing and leisure venues now have increasingly become large-scale, high-end. So far, bath towel industry has become such an indispensable consumable. Good bath towels should be fluffy texture and soft. These kinds of bath towels give a feeling of comfort, touch elastic with hands. Bath sheet should not be too hard to hurt the skin. And excellent water absorption is another property of good bathroom towels. Bathroom towels made of high-quality cotton yarn can absorb water quickly. Buy towels online in Jintian, here you can find luxury bath towels as well as discount bath towels.

Mops refer to long-handled floor cleaning tools. We can see homemade cleaning products like mops throughout every corner, every detail of our lives, from rooms to kitchens, to bedroom, from home to office. Obviously, mops or cleaning cloth mainly are used for floor or table cleaning. Fabric of cotton, linen for artifacts cleaning can all be called cleaning mop. Cleaning mop is a necessity in daily life. It can be used for car cleaning, floor cleaning. Cleaning mop is easy to breed bacteria, so do not place it in wet environment. 

Easy mop is becoming a new favorite of floor cleaner nowadays. It can control the cloth humidity, equipped with cleaning, vacuuming and suction effects. Easy mop is time-saving convenient and quick drying with more security assurance. With new patented mop head design, it can 360 degree rotate, easily clean any corners in depth. What’s more, easy mop will not scratch delicate surfaces of the floor.


Though there are massive cleaning mop brands, we can provide you with best mop competitive to big brand cleaning mop in reasonable price. There are many kinds of cleaning mop, easy mop, best mop in Jintian. I’m sure you will find the best mop for laminate floors, hardwood floors or marble floors.

Our company always attaches great importance to Brand, and have our own brand: MICROFINE and MILK TOWN with related packing. While our products are selling to the European and American market, we’re developing the domestic market and guiding the consumer to change the consumption idea.

We hope to have more negotiation and corporation with domestic and oversea customers, achieving mutual benefit and win-win result.


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