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I enjoy every aspect of Telecom and Data solutions, being a network engineer but what gives a hard-on is owning the shit out the stupid hipsters that think they have IT qualifications " I hooked up my own router at home, I can be a IT guy" fucking morons dont even understand the network backbone and infrastructure, nor the way their ISP has set up DNS routing, everything has gotten a bit too simple its all plug and play, and a fucking CD with a small step-by-step guide. So simple a fucking hipster can do it.


well today I got a chance to put a smile on my face, since yesterday a so-called "IT guy" from a small law firm called me stating that he is unable to surf, when connected directly to CPE he can surf, but when he tries to connect a router, he is not able to obtain a IP, so we trouble shoot this is where the fun begins so I start monitoring my side, I can see my modem is up and data is flowing getting 15mb down and 3mb up, I go further lets see what he has plugged into my modem grab the MAC address noticed its a Linksys WRT series router old G router, but I did notice right off the back he was not pulling a IP, yup its the fucking router I made him aware to check his setting on the router make sure he is not trying to manually load a static IP from us, we are like every other company here we are Dynamic so it will automatically assign a public IP from us, he stated that he has checked his settings and he knows it's not his router, so since Im a nice guy I went the extra step I told him here normally I would send my tech out he will connect his laptop to it and he will be able to surf.  He then will turn around and tell you that the problem is with your router setting and trip charge you $85 dollars for being a dumbass, but I told him to come into my office and Ill check out the router and help you find a solution, so today comes the guy shows up as Im having my morning tea at my desk I tell him to come over I have my work station set up just in case I ever have to troubleshoot anything, I hook up my modem and his router and I notice yup not surfing no problem, I log into the router and I begin to almost burst out into laughter sure enough the guy is confusing WAN and LAN, he has a internal IP address assigned to the IP routing list for the WAN, so I tell him watch this I set the router to DHCP and just as a failsafe I statically set our Primary and secondary DNS, click the save changes and TADA !!! Surf! I had to explain to him how there is a difference between trying to set a Wide Area Network address (WAN) you obtain from your ISP to a Local Area Network (LAN) address you setup on your internal network, these are guys that get a pretty fucking penny to sit around and do jack shit, and they cant even troubleshoot fuck Im in a awesome business, love the down time, thanks for listening to my rant sorry if I bored some of you! So for some entertainment I used to love this skit from SNL

Uploaded 06/07/2012
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