North Korea Has A New Chain Smoking Chimp At Their Zoo

Well, just when you thought North Korea couldn't get their shit together, here comes Azalea the smoking chimp. The North Korean government released that there was a new star at the Pyongyang zoo, Azalea the nineteen-year-old smoking chimp is wowing North Korean crowds (you know, the one's that aren't currently in concentration camps right now). 





Azalea, also known as 'Dallae' which is short for Azalea, can use a lighter to get her nic-fit taken care of, or she can light her cigarettes with other lit cigarettes thrown to her by visitors to the exhibit. Yeah, try that in the States and see what happens. 





The smoking chimp can also touch her nose and do a little dance, to the delight of apparently thousands of tourist that come to the zoo each day. The zoo also has the typical elephants and giraffes, but other odd exhibits like a basketball-playing little monkey and a show that includes German shepherds doing tricks. 



The zoo is considerably better than it used to be in 1959, when the nation's first leader Kim Il Sung opened the facility, only having 50 badgers to exhibit. That's not a joke. 50 fucking badgers. . . 



Check the video below to see Azalea in action: 




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