Old Ways Nostalgic

I seriously dont even know what to say. I used to be a regular here and I loved it.  We used to be a tightnit community of bloggers and in order to gain respect you had to earn it.  Now that nobody moderates this section it has truly gone to hell. CJ did a great job and I commend her for putting up with us. I was here for users like CJ and Kaustic, Dan and Dirty, Haumight/brainy, eastsidedave before he decided to fuck the system, and savcam, users like gnome and users like lorddread, berv and eggonlyegg, and Hunterdad and awfuljackass too.  The content that used to be posted here were sometimes things of beauty. They had creativity and imagination.  Now what is posted here is nothing but senceless garbage. People whining about someone dying or killing themselves. Trolls run rampant now in this section. Only dirty's latest blog was even any good. We used to have rules to the blogs you posted and they were enforced. You couldnt post a blog that spammed, you couldnt get away with posting how booring or sad your day was because nobody used to care and you would be tossed aside and ignored like usless garbage should be.

This section used to be described like a bar. Not everyone got along with eachother and we were all assholes and bastards alike. It used to be all in good fun, but seriously now it doesnt seem worth my time.

The IQ of this section was dropped of of a cliff. I doubt any of the newer bloggers even remember how it used to be in this section. How much of a tightnit community we were, how the content was actually worth reading. I know I do. Perhaps some others of you will remember, and help clean up this place. I can only hope that a moderator will step in and keep tabs on this section and throw out all the trash. 

I sincerly doubt any of that will happen. The old blog section burned down and was infested with trolls and pests, and we are still in the process of building our new home...its seriously discourageing to come back to see how this section has gone to hell.

Thats all I got really, Just a big fuck you to all the retarted blogs and there are loads of them, a thank you to dirtysanchez for that blog of greatness he posted(we are all pissed about your ban), and a fuck you to the moderators that run this site for not doing your damn jobs. 


Uploaded 04/01/2009
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