Painted eggs with a Latina and then we fucked!

I know that you're all aware of my spiel at some black club in downtown Toronto but wait until you guys hear this one. 

I had freaking Eminem blasting some of his tunes on the radio while driving around the neighborhood in my '92 Buick LaSabre (I'm not afraid, everybody ... come take my hand, yeah that dank shit). I pulled up to the local Planned Parenthood clinic and saw some fine mommies popping out like how the babies popped out of 'em, you know what I'm saying. I saw the typical pasty fat Shrek looking white girls holding their mulatto babies, which made me gag my freaking hot dog sandwich, but I saw some nice fine Latina with her big jugs bouncing (boosh boosh boosh) like the black booties I had grinding on my erect dick and forcing me to pre-ejaculate all over my khakis! 

"Yo Mami," I yelled and beckoned the fine bitch over to my whip. She didn't have any of that Shapie shit on her face and she was 100% natural, like the beef I eat on my freaking plate at my mama's house. I told her to get into my car and out of my dreams, like Billy Ocean up in this bitch, and she complied almost instantly! We started making out, getting to center field and gradually making our way to the bench, until I had to throw a curveball like David Cone at the Rogers Center while pitching for the Yankees! I slipped out a condom but it broke ... because my dick was too freaking THICK for that dank ass shit! 

"Oh papi, you got a big white cock," she remarked and she began slobbering on my big white pole. We were fucking so hard that my car began to shake and nearby patrons couldn't maintain their balance! I had to donkey punch that dumb bitch eventually because she wouldn't stop moaning ... but I donkey punched her so hard that I knocked that bitch out! I had to make a quick exit so I called my boy Tommy up, pulled up to the car, got a couple of fucks in and whatnot, and tied up the bitch. 

Long story long, we got that bitch into our basement and started getting in some knocked out person fucks. We called it "Ghost Dadding" after that remarkable movie that Bill Cosby made back in the 90s. She eventually woke up and we tricked her into thinking that my boy Tommy's basement was a hospital ... and she freaking believed it! She thanked us for mending her wounds and she left. Tommy and I had a celebratory jack off session and called it quits. 


Uploaded 04/09/2012
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