Please flag this blog.

There's a saying...

"Fighting on the Internet is like competing in the Special Olympics.... even if you win, you're still retarded."

I used to care about the blog section.  I really did.   I used to enjoy reading the blogs of a few members, and even enjoyed some of the little spats I had between a handful of people.  Like it is for many of you, the blog section was a part of my every day life.  Don't deny it.  If you come here on a regular basis, for any reason, that means that this website is, to some degree, significant to you.  If it wasn't, you wouldn't come here as often as you do.

But now, as if it makes a fucking difference, this blog section has turned into a huge two-sided childish argument between certain people, about flagging, and other bullshit that doesn't matter in the least bit, to anyone who has a life outside of EBW.

I wrote this today to say that I am leaving the blog section for good.  There isn't enough quality blogs, that aren't about EBW troll bullshit, to make it worth sticking around.

If all the trolls weren't spamming about the same shit, it might of actually been entertaining to partake in some retaliation of sorts.  But now it's like all the trolls have a protocol list that they refer to, and copy from, every time someone calls them out.  The same exact shit is being repeated over and over and over again.   It really makes you think... "What's the fucking point?".

Well, you know what?  There isn't one.  So...

By all means. If it matters to you,  Flag this blog.  If it makes you feel better, please, type out those insults for the millionth time.  If you are proud of your online accomplishments, brag.

Congratulations trolls... you win.   What you win, or what that means in regards to the rest of our lives,  I don't know.  But, I certainly don't care.

While your troll juices are flowing over this blog, and my soon to be absence,  I'll be off looking for a more grown up, reality-prone, blogging website. 

Whatever your motives here are, I wish you luck.

Good bye, retards. 

Uploaded 06/06/2011
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