Quitting Smoking.. Day 6

So it's been almost a full week since I started quitting smoking. 


Now.. I'm going to be honest.   I have been smoking.  But I'm down from a half a pack - pack a day to 3-4 smokes.  And those smokes that I do smoke, are nasty.  I have a cold right now so smoking is really kicking my ass lately... but it's just all the more reason to not want to do it anymore.


Me and the man, have a good system going.   Smoke lots of weed, and when the urge to smoke comes about, we just have sex to try and forget about it.   Me and him have never been the type to need a smoke after sex, so it really does help.


I've been isolating myself for the past 5 pays...  I literally haven't left the apartment in over 4 days.   It also seems to help I guess.    It's not going to be fun today though.    In a couple hours I have to bring my baby Rooney in to get fixed.  They're going to have him all day, and he's going to be scared and hurting.   I'm sure everything will be ok, but I'm still a little anxious.  I know my other cats will enjoy the break from his presence, but I know I'll be missing him.. and probably having a normal smoking day.



The way me and my boyfriend are going,  we'll be officially out of cigarettes in about a week.   We aren't buying any more... we spent the money on getting my cat fixed.



Hopefully we can be done smoking by our 1 year anniversary which is in a week from today.   That would be awesome.   Soon I'll be able to sleep properly again.   I don't know what it is, but not smoking has been giving me really fucked up dreams (without the patch), and I haven't been able to sleep a full night since I started to quit.



This is quite the adventure.... can't wait till it's over.   Wish Rooney luck on his nut removal.

Uploaded 10/21/2009
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