Sleeved Plug Valve Manufacturer in Germany

Sleeved Plug Valve Manufacturer in Germany


Valvesonly Europe is one of the best Sleeved plug valve manufacturer in germany. This plug valve utilizes a tapered or cone-shape that acts as a wedge and presses a polymeric sleeve against the body cavity. The use of the sleeve reduces friction between the plug mechanism and body.


  • In the sleeved plug valve, a PTFE sleeve is fitted into the valve body. The metal plug rotates against the PTFE with a very low torque.
  • PTFE is an inert material with a low friction coefficient. It completely surrounds the plug. The sleeve provides a large sealing surface from port to port.
  • Our sleeved plug valves can be used with bi-directional flow. The compact design is studied to give long-term, maintenance-free service in many application fields.
  • Sleeved type soft sealing plug valves can be used in various industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, power industry, mining, etc.


  • These has reasonable structure, reliable sealing, excellent performance and beautiful appearance.
  • double-direction flow makes installation and use more convenient.
  • Maintenance and repair of plug valves can be done at the place of operation.
  •  open and close easily


  • Lubricated Plug Valves

  • Non-lubricated Plug Valves

  • Body materials: Carbon steel, Steel, Heavy duty cast carbon steel, F22, SS304, SS316, WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, WC6.
  • Class: 150 to 2500, PN25 to PN450
  • Size: 1/2 – 16
  • End: Flanged, Socket weld, Butt weld, Screwed.
  • Operation: Manual.
  • Pneumatic Actuator.
  • Electric Actuator.

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Jacketed Plug valve Manufacturer in Germany

Valvesonly Europe is one of the best Jacketed plug valve manufacturer in germany. The sleeve type of jacketed plug valve has simple structure, rapid opening and closing, small flow resistance, convenient maintenance, good sealed performance. Jacketed plug valves have a simple structure, are quick to open and close, have low flow resistance, are easy to maintain, and perform well when sealed. In the chemical, petroleum, and other industries, piping systems are controlled. Widely used in chemical, petroleum and other industrial piping system control. Valvesonly Europe manufacture amazing jacketed Plug Valve. It is often utilized in high-pressure temperature services.


  • Widely used in chemical, petroleum and other industrial piping system control.
  • It can reduce the heat loss of medium in the pipe, and transfer the high viscosity medium which will solidify in room temperature.


  • Reduced leakage point
  • Reduced effect of vibration
  • The product has the ability to keep you warm and cold at the same time.
  • It can minimize medium heat loss in the pipe and pass high viscosity medium that solidifies at room temperature.
  • Jacketed plug valves can coherently handle gas, liquid fluid and extreme temperatures.
  • Jacketed plug valves can be serviced and repaired at the site of operation.

Industries that use Jacketed Plug Valve:

  • Chemical service industry.
  • Oil piping systems.

  • body material: Wcb, Carbon steel, cast iron, ductile iron, SS304, SS316, alloy steel, stainless steel.
  • class: 150-2500, PN10 – PN450
  • size: ½” to 24”.
  • Operation: gear operated, electric actuated, pneumatic actuated, lever.
  • Ends: Socket weld, buttweld, flanged, threaded.

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