St. Patrick's Day Gift Guide

St. Patrick's Day will be upon us soon. Giving us all another reason to get wasted again! This gift guide will help make this year's St. Pat's Day a bit more memorable. You may not remember the whole night, but the parts before your inevatable blackout will go down in history if you just purchase something fun off this guide!


In Dog Beers I've Only Had One

If you are going for the novelty green shirt, this one is the best I could find.



Drinking games are fun because they cause you to drink more and faster than normal. This game works much like spin the bottle, only the shot can't deny your kiss!


Leaf Clover Shot Glass

Class it up a bit this year, and don't drink straight out of the bottle. Also you can offer your "Irish" shot to ladies or men, and there is a better chance they will drink it, giving you a better chance to perform the drunken mating ritual.


Forget Hangovers, Prevention-Remedy Patch, 6 Pack

Don't drink in constant fear that you will get sick or hungover! Just slap a patch on, and go nuts! The best thing is, in the morning you can annoy this shit out of all your hungover friends.


Irish Drinking Glove

Put this glove on and gain the ability to drink like an Irishman! This item can really complete the look, and people will be distracted from your cross-eyed look, and slurred speach.


Irish Drinking Songs

You won't know what they are saying and you won't care. Blast this CD and get wasted!


Jameson Irish Whiskey Truffles

Don't just drink your whiskey, eat it too! If chocolate is good and whiskey is amazing, then WTF are these beautiful treats!?


iPhone4 Credit Card Case Holder Cover

One way to ruin a great St. Pat's Day is to wake up the next day in a puddle of your own puke, missing your wallet. Make sure you don't lose anything with this card-holder/phone case!


Leatherman Multi-Tool

You want to be a man? BUY THIS!


The Good Wife Guide

If you just for a moment think that your wife would bitch if you bought anything on this page, then she needs to read this! A Man's home is his castle, and as such he should be treated like a king. Demand that your wife keeps your royal ass happy!


Go Girl Camo Female Urination Device

Day drinking can be annoying if your wife is always dragging you to look for the restroom. With this device she can freely wizz just like one of the bro's!


Legend of Zelda: Link Cosplay Green Hat

For those gamers looking to show their St. Pat's Spirit!


Leprechaun The Movie: On Instand Demand

The Little Dude from Willow and Jennifer Aniston in a Rated R Horror flick from 1993??? Everyone needs to watch or re-watch this gem of a film immediately!


Leprechaun 1, 2, 3, 4, in one DVD

In Leprechaun 2, he goes "Back to the Hood." It's 4 movies for the price of one, GET THIS!


Leprechaun Mask

Prank your wasted buddies, record it, and post to eBaum's World.

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