Stepping out from the shadows...

You can't keep me away. I remain lurking in the darkest recesses of the internet, not for any particular reason, just a constant leash to this website since I joined so long long ago before the riff and subsequent...everything....and yet, here I am again, sitting down and writing to you all as if I were a prodigal son who was lost long ago when the bar burned down....but that was just so long ago that all familiarity of this place has ceased to exist. The bar that once was, is no more, and what is left is something completely different, void of the people who made it so great and replaced with all new faces and all new rules and very little regulation.

It was never going to return to the way it once was, I think we all knew it. I think we all knew it was time to move on to other things when we knew that there was no rebuilding this place that we created and maintained and dumped countless hours into as friends with the singular purpose of writing and entertaining each other with stories, and whether fact or fiction, that did not matter, because what mattered was that effort was placed into the stories that were told, and that you could progress as a storyteller and entertainer and better yourself through language by using that language to convey the exact feelings you needed to convey to us, the audience.

New times, however, are here. The same feeling no longer exists, and familiar faces will sometimes rise from the shadows, only to remind you of their existence for a fleeting moment before creeping back into the darkness to watch the daily goings on in silence. Alas, I am sure the same will become of myself as well, as this is just another fleeting glimpse at my existence in what once was, before I slip away again only to leave question upon my return. Will I stay this time for longer, we shall see.



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