Student Accused of Being a Terrorist For Studying For Class

Continuing the trend of school officials making race-related mistakes in an attempt to protect their students, a postgraduate student at Staffordshire University was falsely accused of being a terrorist after a school official saw him studying for his Terrorism Studies class...reading a textbook he got from the school’s library...where they both were at the time. Yup.


Mohammed Umar Farooq


The official claims that after he saw what the student, Mohammed Umar Farooq, was reading, he asked his opinions on al-Qaida and Isis. The official reported Mohammed’s responses to campus security after their conversation since they raised a lot of “red flags.” My guess is that “red flags” meant Farooq was knowledgeable enough about terrorism-related topics to pass his class.

Now, it’s obvious that this school official wanted nothing more than to help protect the students at his school from danger, but c’mon man: you wouldn’t see a guy reading a book on Genghis Kahn and automatically assume he wanted to raid villages. I mean, he could have just asked Farooq what class he was in or his major or something. The official could have even said why he was asking the questions. Instead, he chose to be ‘tactful,’ which has resulted in yet another profiling mistake.

The university has already issued an apology for the false accusation and is actively trying to find ways to help Farooq “continue his studies with us” (read: “Not sue the crap out of the university”). Hopefully, this will be the only mistake this school makes in falsely accusing its students of terrorism for studying for class, because it’s heartbreaking to see any student made to suffer outside of their grades or getting rejected by college girls for 4 years.

Uploaded 09/30/2015
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