Subservient peon failed to bag my goods correctly.

Eves after an outright brouhaha with some irrelevant servant at the IHOP, I decided to venture out to a local market to restock my pantries with a cornucopia of goods. 

With haste, I gathered my intended goods but to only be greeted by some slack jawed peon who deliberately failed to acknowledge my presence. I commenced banging various jarred goods onto the belt to wake the boor from his spell but that only resulted in the nearby floor master berating me for causing unnecessary ruckus. Strike one. 

I grew rather irate, mainly due to the scolding, but I decided to lighten the mood, as I felt that we got onto the wrong foot. I offered a lark, as goods began messily piling near the bagging station, claiming "Well, these goods aren't going to bag themselves!" I would have rightfully received a laugh from my associates at the cocktail parties that I normally attend but this hooligan simply rolled his eyes and clicked on his chewing tobacco. Strike two. 

Eventually, the serf realized that I wasn't going to stoop down to his menial level and partake in the act of bagging. He commenced reaching for the goods and placing them in plastic bags, to which I grabbed his arm and vigorously shook my head no. I exclaimed for the boy to pack the goods in my grocery purse, as I am an advocate of my local environmental club and despise wasting plastic for mere transportation from my carriage to my manor. 

I implored the inept dimwit to remove the items in the plastic bags but the dolt continued packing the goods into plastic bags! I was poised to throw arms with the boy right then and there as I began tearing the remaining plastic bags to prevent him from persisting his nonsensical behavior. He eventually ceded to my irateness and rightfully began placing the goods into my grocery purse. He accepted my exact change, mumbled something to himself, and stormed off. I inquired for the servant to repeat his snide remark but he made a cursory escape to his servant room in the far corner.

I won the battle and the war when I summoned the floor master after the exchange and demanded an apology and free visits for the following week! I consider it a community service that I acted in this way, the little bastard won't return and sully another customer's evening, especially one of my status. 

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